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Be Your Client’s Number One Fan!

As a PR professional, it may be easy to get caught in a rut of approaching your clients as just items on your to-do list. But, being successful at PR is not just about landing the most media coverage or building social media presence for a client; it’s also about forging positive and empowering relationships […]

Crowdfunding Dreamise

The Business of Making Dreams Come True

Want one of your dreams to come true? Wishing on a star is SO last year – just log on to Dreamise! It’s a crowdfunding web platform where users make a free account, post their dream (currently limited to a five hundred dollar value), and try to score the most votes. (Users can also vote […]

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Soccer Has Come to the U.S.

Branding Fútbol for Americans…Ugh, I Mean Soccer.

He goes left, he goes right. Juke and GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL! I know that you must have read that like the Spanish speaking announcers that have been made popular in the last few years. Now that we have that out of the way, soccer ratings have been soaring lately. In an article about the ratings of FIFA’s […]

My-PRspective 3

#Hashtags – Not Just a Pop Culture Symbol, but an Emblem of Success!

It’s clear to any marketing pro, PR pro, or even a small business owner, that having a widespread social media presence is foundational to brand success. However, this success hinges upon 1) a good understanding of the ins and outs of social media, and 2) using this understanding as a launching pad to go above […]


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